Informática Ofimática en Ofimega

Computer - Office

Courses "online" specific from our website. Classroom training at our centre group or individual in standard software:

Operating Systems: Microsoft © Window and Android. Office: MS Office Word - Excel - Access Open office. Applications Internet: Facebook - Youtube - Mail Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook - P2P Design and Multimedia: MS Publisher - Adobe Photoshop - MovieMaker - Power Point - IlustratorWeb design and programming: Adobe Dreamweaver - Flash - Corel Draw - Dynamic Websites with SQL and PHP. Technical App: Autocad - MS Project - 3d Studio max. Introduction to programming languages: C + +, Delphi, Java, Visual basic, 3DGameStudio Specific: Hardware, local networks, typing and accounting.

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Refuerzo escolar en Ofimega

School reforcement

Prepare difficult subjects while enjoying studying them. It's crucial to overcome difficulties without problems. To do this, we have small group classes or private lessons, so you can choose according to the needs of each student.
They are distributed in three levels: Primary - Secondary School, Pre-university and university. And in the following areas:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • Technology - Technical design
  • Literature
  • Social and natural sciences.


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Idiomas en Ofimega


Having native teachers is a great incentive for the pronunciation, especially in childhood. When the ear is more flexible and adapts to the phonetics of different languages​​.

English classes for children or to help English as a subject at school from age 6.

Classes for adults in small groups:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Catalan
  • Spanish for foreigners.

or individual classes in all languages.


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Contact and resolves doubts.

  • Telephone and fax: 977 38 37 41
  • Contact Management:
  • Solve your training doubts:

Or access our center:

  • Barcelona Street, 60 - Salou - Tarragona
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